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Alcohol free fountain solution

PrintBar Alcohol-Free Fountain Solution

Technical Indicators:

1. There is no need to add IPA or other additives during use

2. Product neutral
A. High fidelity Fountain Solution: In the printing process can make the original copy more authentic
B. VOC free fountain solution: fountain solution does not contain VOC (according to German DIN 55649-2000
C. Completely Free Alcohol Fountain Solution: the use of the process does not need to add alcohol, rather than the
Reduce Alcohol Fountain Solution on the market
3. Suitable for all kinds of Offset Printing machines
4. No damage to dampening roller and printing parts, roller will gradually become soft, service life is
significantly extended, maintenance cost is reduced.
5. In line with the ministry of environmental protection's standards for toys, food, packaging, secondary and

primary school teaching materials, lithographic green printing HJ2503-2011 , No adverse effect on ink roller dampening roller.

Parameter :

Origin: Shanghai
Specification: net weight 20KG/ drum
Color: colorless
Shelf life :24 months
Packing: in barrels

Storage: avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place


1. Suitable for all imported and domestic flat offset press, any PS Printing Plate and CTP Printing plate.
Regardless of the old and new, the real realization of free alcohol (zero alcohol) printing.
2. There is no need to special adjust the temperature of the printing equipment and water tank, which can be used
on the machine, and the same use conditions as with alcohol printing, can completely achieve the condition of
alcohol printing.
Compared with alcohol printing,water- ink balance is easier to achieve, easy to operate, more realistic color.
3. In the high temperature environment, printing plate water film thickness and continuity, smooth printing, no
need to add alcohol.
4. Super cushioning system.Ensure PH is stable between 4.8 and 5.6, suitable for hard and softwater
5. The surface tension of the working liquid is 32-38dye/cm,Small amount of ink can realize printing dot clear,
color realistic, large ink position can stabilize printing.
6. Contains water-retaining element, after stopping the machine and starts again without dirty, reducing waste.
Anti - corrosion, anti - calcium, non - toxic, non - foam, non - blocking pipe.
7. Start quickly and stable water-ink balance, effectively prevent "dry" and other problemsShanghai chenjie printing material co.,LTD
B: Eco-Friendly
1. Compliance with environmental protection HJ2503-2011 standard, through the SGS standard certification.
2. Non-toxic, tasteless, can improve the air quality of the workshop.
C: Innovation
1. No need to add alcohol, reduce water,reduce ink, can reduce production costs.
2. Can significantly improve printing quality, Printing Ink saturation, dot clear bright.
3. Ink drying fast, improve production efficiency.
D: Safety
1. Prevent combustion and eliminate fire hazards.
2. No harm to the equipment rollers.
E: Stabilization
1. Wide range of application, compatible with the local water quality.

2. Easy to use, stable fountain.

Under normal condition of all data of the machine,There is no need to Purpose-adjust the machine. Mix 3%-4% of
the original liquid with water then you can use it. Domestic machines and Japanese machines add about
3% ,German machines add about 4%, Tank temperature adjustable to 8 ℃ ~ 10 ℃, the PH value between 5.2 to 5.8,
conductivity around 800 Ω ~ 1200 Ω ,There is no need to lower the temperature of the tank.Conditions of use are
the same as when printing with alcohol. Wash water tank frequently during use, keep water tank clean,It is best to
install a sink recycling filter cotton ,Preventing ink and paper scraps from entering after printing and it will change
the electrical conductivity of the water tank,Start up can print smoothly,The value is adjusted according to the

actual operation: Proper adjustment of dampening roller clearance and speed.

Alcohol free fountain solution

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