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Fountain Solution Use Technology


Case: in the use of Heidelberg CD102 Offset Printing machine for printing, there has been Printing Ink color discoloration phenomenon, seriously affected the quality of printing. In this paper, the author summarizes the main causes and elimination methods of ink discoloration. The printer hopes to give some enlightenment to the industry colleagues through my experience.

Fountain Solution supply

1. cause analysis

If the amount of raw liquid supply is too small, the pH value of the liquid will become smaller, resulting in ink separation (link and pigment separation), resulting in uncontrollable water consumption, resulting in ink color change, sometimes dirty plate phenomenon, while increasing the amount of water, dirty plate phenomenon more serious; if the Fountain Solution supply is less, the pH value will become larger.Add to the Printing Plate blank part of the hydrophilic layer is insufficient, unable to resist the invasion of ink, resulting in a Printing plate water consumption big, the production of pasting plate and ink discoloration.

Such as: printing is a large area gradient dot, printing process found that the gradual dot paste plate, ink color change, thought is dirty plate phenomenon, after increasing water consumption, the problem has not been solved, so immediately stop, clean plate with cleaning agent, measuring the pH value of Fountain Solution 6.0, adjust the supply of Fountain Solution, so that the pH value of Fountain Solution reduced to about 5.0, the problem was solved.

2. Exclusion methods

Change the Fountain Solution, or adjust the supply amount of the Fountain Solution, so that the pH value of the Fountain Solution is controlled at 5.0~5.5.


Hardness of water

1. cause analysis

High hardness of water, water contains calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and other substances together with the chemical composition of ink and paper powder, Spray powder transfer to the surface of ink roll, resulting in ink roll deinking and ink transfer can not be controlled, at the same time, these substances contain fatty acids will also lead to ink alkaline increase, easy to cause paste plate phenomenon, cause ink color change.

For example: long-term use of high hardness of tap water, easy to make ink roll to produce crystals, cause ink roll crystallization, and printing products reflect a large amount of water, water lines are thicker (mainly printing field version, if the alcohol ratio is low, this phenomenon will occur), causing paste plate, dirty plate, printed product dingy, and easy to plug water tank pipes.

2. exclusion methods

Using soft water and reduce water consumption, so that the water lines become thin, not easy to paste version, printing gloss, ink roller surface crystal relatively reduced.

Replacement time of fountain solution

1. cause analysis

Because of the long-term recycling of fountain solution, there will be too many microbes in the fountain solution, which will make the fountain solution deteriorate, resulting in unstable water supply and discoloration of ink color.

For example: when printing quarto cover, sampling inspection found printing on both sides of the ink color discoloration. Stop check found that the layout is still very wet, it is determined that the large water plate layout moisture volatilization slow. Check the water roller ink mark pressure is normal, after reducing water consumption, the middle dirty plate, after analysis may be the fountain solution has not been replaced for a long time, resulting in the fountain solution deterioration, causing water film uncontrollable. After replacing the water tank, the printing ink color is normal.

2. exclusion methods

Change the fountain solution in the water tank regularly. Install a drain pipe at the water tank outlet, and connect the upper water outlet to the machine's own water pipe, which can clean the water tank quickly. If the filter cloth cover is installed at the return water outlet, keep the water in the water tank clean and clean, it can prevent long-term blockage of the water pipe.k

fountain solution

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